The only military organization that sets the standard for Edit

Innovation Edit

CyberForce is a leader in innovation on HackEx, setting the standard for military organizations in terms of technological advancements, military and recruitment tactics and others.We push the status quo forward with unique ideas coming from it’s own Warriors.

Realism Edit

We take a great amount of pride in being the most realistic military organization on HackEx.Our entire organization structure is different from the other typical groups that you see in HackEx, It’s like you’re joining the real thing..but y’know, on HackEx!

Afew things about us Edit

1) Established in October 1st by General Jok3r,CyberForce remains the oldest military organization on HackEx.

2) CyberForce was crafted with the vision of realism,discipline and making the military simulation unique above all else.

3) We are part of The Wolfpack which still remains active as our Goverment.

If you do want to join…here are our options for you: Edit

1) If you’re new to militaries or HackEx in general,this may be your best option! Joining as a Recruit gives you the one-of-a-kind chance to experience the Warrior Life starting with BootCamp! Install Line(Don't worry it's free),Add this ID"theunsunggeneral" and wait for futher instructions.

2) Looking for a transfer?Sure!Just add "theunsunggeneral" on an app called Line and fill out the transfer form.

Why not join the cyberforce today and begin your "military career" now.~General Jok3r Edit