Welcome to the Genesis wiki page.

What does Genesis do? Edit

Genesis shares information and helps weak players become strong players. This is our fifth generation of Genesis and we're proud to announce it's the most organized generation yet.

So back to what we do. Well, we often talk to each other like most groups, but we're very professional. Other groups often claim to be professional, but when you join, they might not be how the sounded to be like. But here at Genesis, we do share information and we do have a great community with organization.

What does Genesis offer? Edit

Genesis primarily offers information, our secondary is a community. We do offer other things, such as you wont have to worry about your IP being attacked if the community doesn't like you very well. Genesis is (not exaggerating) one of the most peaceful groups in Hack Ex. We DO NOT allow members to post any other member's IP in the chat.

What are the rules & requirements? Edit

Rules: Edit

1. Do not cheat/hack/exploit Hack Ex.

2. Do not attack anyone's Hack Ex account in Genesis.

3. Do not delete anyone from Genesis. (Some staff overrules).

4. Arguments are permitted, but keep the peace.

5. Do not spam Genesis.

6. Do not vandalize Genesis.

7. Do not post pornographic images.

8. Do not create notes. (Some staff overrules).

9. Do not post any member of Genesis IP's in chat. No posting the IP of known members of other clans intentionally. (Some staff overrules).

10. Follow staff instructions (within reasonable standards).

11. Do not constantly lie.

12. Read rules.

13. No using Genesis in any log messages like "haha u sux. Genesis owns u!"

14. Do not take the "tricks and tips" note and post it without giving credit to Genesis.

15. Don't offer money in chat unless you're staff.

16. Don't create Genesis related groups. (Some staff overrules)

Requirements: Edit

1. We need your IP (for security purposes).

2. You must have the app "Line".

3. You must have the app "Band".

How do I join? Edit

Get the app "Line", then the app "Band". Once you got Line, add me or my co-owner's ID. Once you've added us, ask to join. We will ask for your IP and tell you to get Band. Once you've gotten Band, we'll send you a request to join Genesis.

Cosmos' Line ID: intothecosmos

Nikolai's Line ID: nikolai

Loopy's Line ID: loopbox