Welcome to The United Alliances. Edit

The United Alliances were created to ally groups together professionally, bonding them together to create order and to talk about issues about Hack Ex.

For a group to join The United Alliances, the leader must agree to the terms and conditions and it must be put in a vote for a hour, if none of the groups disagree, then the group will join The United Alliances and be allied with every other group, if there is a disagreement, then they don't join. There can also be repersentatives with group leaders too, who also must agree to the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions: Edit

1. I agree for me and my group members to follow the rules of The United Alliances.

2. I agree for me and my group members to not harm the groups of The United Alliances.

3. I agree for my group to be allied with every other group in The United Alliances.

4. I agree for me and my group members not to harm The United Alliances group chat.

Rules: Edit

1. Do not harm other groups joined with The United Alliances.

2. Do not harm The United Alliances.

3. Do not spam The United Alliances.

4. Use common sense.

5. Do not create notes. (Only proper updater for the group and Manager).

6. If a group is under attack, help them. (With exceptions).

Groups in The United Alliances: Edit

1. The Enforcers

2. Hall of Heroes

3. Anonymous

4. The Shadow Bots

5. L.O.G.I.C.

6. Overseen Ghosts

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