sl4a, py4a cppDroid, c4droid

after many many years of programming from basics to c++ on computers I have put my goal to (even though the computer hosted method is well developed) program complete programs on android including OpenGL.

It is a daunting task, the OpenGL seems only supported of off android programming to be passed to the android.

Perhaps some here might like to see some examples of easy stuff. I will slowly add small snippits of code, with full explanation of how they work. I will present some links to pdf files of valued and personally approved as current and good info.

Come back soon and check out this blog if you are interested in what real code looks like.

if you wish, check out the programs on playstore so you can check out my examples.

I use sl4a, py4a These 2 are downloaded on their site but are not on playstore so a setting needs to be set to use them but it iS documented there. I also use and will show code from c4doid and cppDroid,

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