aka Neuelegend

  • I live in In my Mind Palace.
  • My occupation is Modern Combat 4.
  • I am Male. JUST KIDDING, ***** I'MMA FISH.
  • Neuelegend

            I am slightly giddy as I write this, having found a few Spammers with over a thousand Bitcoins sitting in checking. Yup. Raider II now, folks. I also stumbled across a cache of programs averaging about two levels each about mine. A Level 8 Spam, Antivirus Level 10 if I rememberr right, or maybe that was the Decryptor.

            Did I spell that right?

             Browsing this Wiki, I stumbled across an Anonymous (what a surprise!) comment by an Anonymous person, in which it briefly mentioned something about not letting your victims know your IP by leaving it in their Log.

            Yes, I am a Newb. Deal with it.

            But not as Newbish as I used to be. I make only about 126 BC an hour off of Spam, and hadn't really Cracked into PNT for s…

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