Welcome to all hackex players.

Prime Nexus Intel welcome u to our blog

The rise of the PRIME NEXUS INTEL

Long have been the times of the wars. They r now in ur distant past and time is flowing steadily.

From the ashes of the wars, rose the new groups. Alas they were and are not like before.

Hackex is dying! number of new players have been decreasing over time. Many people have stopped playing. New players are interested only in bitcoins and they give up if they cant get them. Often new players only join groups to get bitcoins. They are selfish. They dont care about others.

Where is the old hackex???

The one where every group member worked together and solo players played hard to enter leaderboards.

The one where high level player helped low level ones.

The one where everyone battled to grab bitcoinds from others accounts.

Where is the old enthusiasm?

Where is the insecurity of someone hacking ur account?

On the ashes of the wars and peace times RISE the Prime Nexus Intel.

We are a group of information gatherers and have a goal to change the game and motivate players to play hackex. We will achieve our goal surely!

We will find a way to motivate players to play hackex.

Hackex will be reborned!

We will make it a better game!

Then when the game will flourish we will finally get true peace.

Hackex will always remember us who recreated the environment.


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